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Advocate for change

The Institute for Social Change is embedded in the Department of Socio-economics, which has a established focus on issues of sustainability in its teaching programmes.


Creating tools for larger change

Indeed, the Department hosts a number of Chairs and Institutes specialising on particular aspects of sustainability. 


Tapping the voice and power of constituents

What is being considered as sustainable, where societal perceptions of unsustainability emerge


Building productive relationships

Sustainability is an idea and project that is based on determined and socially negotiated values which keep societal development proceeds.

Team of Change-Makers

Petri Basson

Petri Basson


Danielle Faul


Chris Duncan

Steering Committee Member

Fiona Brennan

Steering Committee Member

Derek Flossman

Steering Committee Member

Kevin Rose

Steering Committee Member

Marc Piano

Steering Committee Member

Evolution for change

We collaborate with some of the brightest minds in the blockchain industry, bringing together members with both practical expertise and deep theoretical knowledge.