Corporate membership

To address the needs of different companies on island BACI has created three different levels of membership:

  • Industry leader
  • Industry participant
  • Blockchain company

These membership include benefits such as:

  • Video interviews with all Corporate members – To showcase the Cayman Islands and quality of the service providers on island, we will shoot short interviews with all of our corporate members to showcase their services. This can be a video where a board member from BACI interviews you or where you could interview one of your clients. The idea is to promote Cayman and the services you offer. These videos will be featured on the BACI Youtube channel and promoted on all social media channels to give Cayman and your company more exposure.
  • Articles featured on BACI website – All corporate members will have the opportunity to have any relevant articles they write about Cayman featured on the BACI website linking back to the main article on their website. This ensures a constant flow of articles on the BACI site as well as additional exposure for your company.
  • Monthly articles by BACI – BACI will write monthly articles to promote the jurisdiction which will be featured on our site and can be shared with your clients. These articles will focus on relevant issues and promote the jurisdiction.
  • Participation in consultation – As a corporate member you will have the opportunity to participate in all government consultations and receive regular updates from BACI on all announcements by the government.
  • Featured on website – Your company will be featured on the BACI website with a link back to your site and you can feature the BACI logo on your website.

BACI is a Non-Profit Organisation and we keep our membership rates low to facilitate as much industry participation as possible.

Click the link below to get more info about the membership levels.