High Quality of Life

The Cayman Islands has one of the highest standards of living in the Caribbean

Ok, let’s be honest. If the idea of living on an island with white sandy beaches doesn’t appeal to you, we don’t know what will. Here are just a few other reasons the Cayman Islands provide a wonderful quality of life:

A safe, stable British Overseas Territory

The Cayman Islands is a British overseas territory, listed by the UN Special Committee of 24 as one of the 16 non-self-governing territories. The current Constitution, incorporating a Bill of Rights, was ordained by a statutory instrument of the United Kingdom in 2009. A 19-seat (not including two non-voting members appointed by the Governor which brings the total to 21 members) Legislative Assembly is elected by the people every four years to handle domestic affairs. Of the elected Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLAs), seven are chosen to serve as government Ministers in a Cabinet headed by the Governor. The Premier is appointed by the Governor.

Warm climate

The Cayman Islands has a tropical wet and dry climate, with a wet season from May to October, and a dry season that runs from November to April. Seasonally, there is little temperature change with temperatures ranging between 25C and 30C/77F and 86F.

State of the art medical facilities

There are four hospitals in the Cayman Islands. Grand Cayman is home to the private Health City Cayman Islands as well as the Chrissie Tomlinson Memorial Hospital(CTMH Doctors Hospital). The public hospitals include the Cayman Islands Hospital (commonly known as the George Town Hospital); and Faith Hospital on Cayman Brac.

Good schooling system

The Cayman schooling system is based on the British system and there are a large number of private school option for expats moving to the island.

Low crime rates

The Cayman Islands has one of the lowest crime rates in the Carribean. The Royal Cayman Islands Police Service’s annual statistics have also shown a decrease in the overall crime rate.

World class infrastructure

The Cayman Islands has some of the best infrastructures in the region with large investments being made in roads and other infrastructure.

The Cayman Islands has seen significant investments in both roads and other types of infrastructure in the past four years. A new 2 lane bypass has been built which stretches to the east and west of the island and has significantly decreased traffic, especially in peak times.